Rep. Carter made the following comments
(paraphrased, but we have the audio!) at a public
meeting.  He explains that:
1.  You wouldn't expect it, but Zachary schools have a 60/40 ratio.
  "What ratio?"  someone asked.  Rep. Carter replied, "Black/White".

2.  Based on that ratio, Rep. Carter finds it "Amazing" that Zachary could
  a.  A high tax base
  b.  Excellent school facilities; or,
  c.  Well-behaved children             

Are our legislators really going to follow THIS mentality in directing education policy in Louisiana?  REALLY??

If so, then it would be good for ALL of us to understand the School Reform terminology for what it TRULY means:

• "Shutting down schools without community input bares the name 'Renaissance.'

• Displacing students is called 'restructuring.'

• Turning away students is the luck of the draw in a 'lottery.'

• School choice is dressed up as 'civil rights.'

• Requiring parents to donate time and labor in order to stay within lean budgets falls under 'parent involvement.'

• Re-titling Superintendents as portfolio-managing CEOs is called 'Reform.'

• Funneling public money into “For Profit” schools is called 'innovation.'

• Revolving doors and potential conflicts of interest between businesses philanthropies, schools, non-profits, and
government officials is termed 'collaboration.'

• Teacher bashing goes under the name 'merit pay', 'added value', and 'accountability.'

• Learning a foreign language is a must for 'global competition,' yet children who are English Language Learners
are 'low performers.'

• Rejecting special needs children is called 'counseling out.'

• Federal coercion goes under the competitive title 'Race to the Top.'

• Children are so-called investments, 'human capital'—subject to elastic market pressures.

• The rich who are co-opting public services are praised as philanthropists who
'give generously.'

• Ill-prepared, inexperienced teachers are heralded as, 'altruistic, bright, recent
college graduates.'"
       Rep. Stephen Carter
       Republican District 68

       3115 Old Forge
       Baton Rouge, LA 70808

       (225)362-5306 (Fax)
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