The People, LLC is a partnership between two citizens
    who have come together to actively engage in the
    legislative process in Louisiana.  Our goals are to
    ensure that:  all laws and regulations fall within the
    confines of the Constitution; and, the rights of every
    citizen are protected.  
    The People, LLC was created in response to
    observations made during the 2010 Louisiana
    Legislative Regular Session:  ONLY special interest
    groups, or “stakeholders”, were represented by the
    actions of our Legislative and Executive Branches.  
    Also, whenever we addressed the committees, the
    members were very interested in knowing, “Who are
    you with?”  Being with no group or lobby, but armed
    with facts and the Constitution, we always responded
    that we were “with” no one—we were just citizens
    coming to take part in the debate.

    With the full intention of returning to session in March
    of 2014, we will use this site to focus on providing the
    most comprehensive information possible in regard to
    the most pressing issues facing the only "stakeholders"
    who should matter--LA's individual citizens.

    Our hope is that the information contained within this
    site will assist you in becoming involved with the effort
    to restore our state to limited government within our
    constitutional republic.
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