SB 723  (Act 687) Grows Government by creating the Office of International Commerce within the Dept. of Economic Development to “serve as
the authority on behalf of the state to advance the state’s international commerce economic sector.”  This will be accomplished by granting to the
Secretary of the Dept. of Economic Development the power to “execute partnerships, joint ventures, memoranda of understanding,
endeavors, or other similar relationships with local, state, or federal public entities, foreign governments, or private entities and business interests
to implement the master plan.”  Just as we are seeing with Obamacare and the enormous power given to Secretary Sebelius, SB 723 sets-up our
Sec. of Economic Development, Stephen Moret, to become the most dangerously powerful man in our state.

Despite the assurances given to the House Commerce Committee by Sen. Appel and Sec. Moret that LA has no interest in giving control of our
infrastructure to China, we have found several reasons to be concerned that this is EXACTLY where SB 723 is designed to take us:

        In 1999, U.S. control of the Panama Canal ended; and, control of both ends of the canal by
Communist China began.  By April of 2011,
China had also assumed
control of 51 additional ports in 25 countries including the Caribbean and Mexico via its state-affiliated companies
Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd. and its subsidiary Hutchison Port Holdings.

        In 2008, Port of New Orleans President/CEO, Gary LaGrange, renewed the Port’s alliance with the Panama Canal Authority.  This strategic
alliance seeks to spur investment, increase trade and promote the “All-Water-Route” from China to Canada and all ports in-between via the
Panama Canal and the Mississippi River.  
The Port’s 2020 Masterplan was based on this alliance.

        Since
2008, Louisiana’s leadership has sought investment in our ports from China.

        In 2010, the Port of New Orleans began searching for a
major public-private partnership for the port.  Goldman Sachs and Hutchison
Whampoa each expressed interest.  Governor Jindal promised to “push through” any necessary legislation.

        2010 also saw the beginning of the
expansion of the canal mostly to benefit China’s economy at the expense of U.S manufacturing.  
According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the only trade category in which the U.S. had shown a surplus was in “service”

Our federal/state government has been forcing us into a “service” economy as our role in the “global economy”.  As China’s exports to
Louisiana/U.S. will see exponential growth once the canal expansion is complete, we can easily see how Louisiana citizens and our nation will
suffer under the
NAFTA waterway from China to Canada:  China’s exports are already inexpensive when compared to U.S. prices due to the
Communist nation’s slave labor; and, with the waterway wide open to them, China’s costs for transporting their goods will decrease and drive their
prices down further.  If they are in charge of our ports where they will pay no corporate taxes and already pay no tariffs in Free Trade Zones, OUR
homegrown companies will be at an even greater disadvantage in addition to the costs they incur through oppressive state/federal regulation.

        In order to solidify the “global economy” and
to secure investment from China, Louisiana’s leadership had to work with other states to
increase the capability of ports all
along the Mississippi to handle China’s larger ships and huge volume of containers in order to increase China’s
cargo to the region.  By April 2010,
the ports were ready.

        This brings us to SB723 and Governor Jindal’s appearance at the Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal dedication ceremony which was
held on the same day that the governor’s budget was being challenged in the House of Representatives (May 11, 2012):

o        How is it that the governor’s budget, which was being contested, could have been trumped by the dedication of an expanded container yard
and the addition of two cranes which had been delivered in 2011 by the Chinese semi-submersible heavylift ship Tai An Kou?  What could be so
important about such improvements that would call for the governor to make the related PR more of a priority than the state’s budget?  

o        The answer lies in Governor Jindal’s statement that “Governor Jindal said, “Our ports across the state – especially here in New Orleans –
are the gateway to commerce and cargo of all kinds winding its way up the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico”.

o        The answer lies in the fact that “The state funded $30 million of the total project investment. Governor Jindal worked to fund these projects
in his first year in office.”  “The dedication marked a major milestone as Louisiana grows its port facilities to handle rising trade volumes tied to the
expansion of the Panama Canal and other international trends.”

o        The answer lies in the fact that SB 723 was heard by Louisiana’s House of Representatives and that truer words were never spoken than
those by Senator Crowe, “The way it’s set up and the way it’s staged right now, is that
everything is in place”.

Governor Jindal, Senator Appel, Senator Crowe, Gno, Inc., LABI, Louisiana’s Port Authorities and others are literally SELLING OUR

They have been investing OUR tax dollars in a Global Economic scheme which will make millions for them, bring the taxpaying citizens/businesses
to their knees; and, provide a “workforce” for THEIR businesses.  Now that so much of OUR money has been sunk into fulfilling THEIR Economic
Development Masterplans in which THEY are the winners and OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURES are the losers, they have sealed the deal by passing
a bill which the governor signed into law and which most assuredly needs to be repealed.

Please, share with all of your contacts and ask that they do the same.


By The People, LLC