FreedomWorks recently called on Tea Parties to form coalitions/federations within each state to lobby in favor of
the AT& T/T-Mobile merger.  In searching for the answer to the simple question “Why?”, we came upon
information that is worth considering:

While a paid lobbyist for DLA Piper, one of Dick Armey’s major clients was Verizon Wireless.
What does that have to do with AT&T?  Verizon and AT&T have
merged in some markets to garner as much as
90% of some aspects of the broadband industry.  Additionally, AT&T was the only carrier of the iphone until
Verizon was recently approved by Apple to sell their product.

Sprint Nextel, a VERY distant third in the market, recognized that it would be facing extinction should the T-
Mobile/AT&T merger happen.
Sprint's only chance to block the merger was on the state level. They targeted
several states with Louisiana being one of them. They began to lobby the utility commissions.  Others questioned
whether or not the merger will eliminate competition as well.

Shortly after hosting Tea Partiers in DC and giving the participants money to help cover their expenses while
also offering to supply (free of charge) campaign paraphernalia to Tea Parties, Dick Armey (via FreedomWorks)
called for Tea Parties to form coalitions/federations; and, to then put pressure on the public service commissions
to allow the AT&T/T-Mobile merger to happen.

Some sources have reported that AT&T and
Verizon are the largest contributors to FreedomWorks:

Our research has shown that both the NAACP and GLAAD also supported this merger and also received
donations from

Gov. Bobby Jindal had already notified the FCC that he supported the merger; and, his support also came under

Also of note is that Freedomworks is a big opponent of Net Neutrality.  What exactly is Net Neutrality?  Some say
that Net Neutrality puts the internet in the hands of the government.  But are we really better with the internet in
the hands of a select few corporations?  Why are the major corporations spending so much money on this
issue?  Will the cost of internet access really go up?  Will internet access become a luxury item and like
education, be accessible only to the ruling class?   President Obama did say that there was “too much
information out there”.  So, is this a left vs. right issue or ruling class vs. the rest of us issue?    

Lastly: with the Debt Ceiling, Race To The Top, Transferable Development Rights, Executive Orders, and other
threats to our freedom and prosperity in full-swing, why should helping this merger to happen ever have been
considered an
urgent matter? Stopping corporations from raping us with monopolies, subsidies, and hidden
taxes on our bills--now that's something that might be worth getting behind!