The Education Reform Movement and Common Core State Standards Initiative are transforming our schools into
workforce training facilities while our children are being denied the education which is essential for them to function
as free citizens in a truly free society.

The entire Education Reform Movement along with its Common Core State Standards Initiative has been sold to the
business community as 'the answer' to all of our state’s problems. The facts, however, paint a very different picture:
our children and tax dollars are removed from our neighborhoods; government decides the jobs for which our
children will train; and, our representative form of government is replaced with unelected boards and commissions
made up of 'stakeholders' from organizations such as your own.

These reforms are an attack on the protections of our American freedoms for which you and/or your family members
may have sacrificed: representative government; protection against taxation without representation; state
sovereignty; and, the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This attack on the American liberties of our children is being waged in your name--so that the government can
guarantee you a workforce paid for by taxpayers.

I will not stand idly by and allow this travesty to steal our children’s futures.  I am the authority in my children’s lives
and I will provide the direction for their education—not the government or its partners in the business community who
view my children as merely their 'human capital'.

I look forward to your withdrawal from the Chambers of Commerce and LABI (the State Chamber) and I will no longer
be doing business with you until you do so.